“Iphigenia” is a bloodthirsty family story in which people kill and lie. The family is cursed and so it seems as if they can't help but practice murder and manslaughter.

Iphigenia herself is said to be sacrificed in order to gain good winds for the battle of Troy. Only through a trick – an animal is slaughtered instead of the young girl – does she escape and from then on serves Artemis as a priestess on the island of Tauris. But even there, at Iphigenie's next stop, things are bloodthirsty: according to custom, all strangers arriving on the island have their heads chopped off. And the father, Agamemnon, is also immediately killed by his wife and her lover on his victorious return home after the battle of Troy. Orestes, Iphigenie's younger brother, then kills his mother. Blood flows through history. Ultimately, Orestes brings Iphigenia home. The end of the story is told differently as the story progresses...
For this theater evening, Ersan Mondtag will deal with the Iphigenia myth and invent his own entrance and exit. The work is intended to be a further development and continuation of his preoccupation with antiquity, which he began in Frankfurt with “Orpheus #”.

Photocredit: Jessica Schäfer


09. September 2016 – 07. July 2017