Der Vampyr

Child, don't look at the pale man, or it will soon be over for you." With Der Vampyr, a work by a formative figure in Hanoverian musical life is on the programme:

The composer Heinrich Marschner led the musical fortunes of the predecessor of the Hanover State Opera for almost three decades from 1831 as Royal Kapellmeister, the artistic director position at the time. With his successful opera Der Vampyr in 1828, he had already achieved his breakthrough as one of the most frequently performed composers of his time.

The fascination with Marschner's blood-sucking outsider Ruthwen, who comes from John Polidori's novella The Vampyre and is modelled on the British dandy and writer Lord Byron, remains unbroken. He remains a projection figure for the fears and desires of a society.
Lord Ruthwen is to gain another year of life if he sacrifices three young women within 24 hours. Although the young Aubry knows of Ruthwen's identity as a vampyr, he has sworn him to secrecy. When his own lover Malwina threatens to become another victim of the vampire, Aubry is faced with the question of whether he should save his bride or remain true to his oath.

Photo credits: Sandra Then


25. March 2022 – 08. December 2022