Festival Radikal Jung

In the dark forest the muezzin calls, the father returns home with the ax and goes into the cellar, a very fat girl shakes the house with her defiant stomping.

In “Tyrannis” by Ersan Mondtag there is always a fairytale atmosphere, but of the eerie kind. The red-haired family with their avatar movements, which can be observed via surveillance cameras in their rooms and live in a strange kitchen-living room like in a human zoo, does not speak, lives according to fixed rules rituals and hides secrets. Have terrible things happened in the past or are the zombie-like souls of single-family homes just waiting to happen? Associations with horror films and computer games, David Lynch and the Brothers Grimm, but also with the narrow middle class à la Fassbinder and Christoph Marthaler's bashful staff arise when patiently contemplating Mondtag's room world dreams.
The powerful imagery creates an intimate horror of everyday life in an enchantingly stubborn atmosphere.

Photo credits: Nils Klinger


10. December 2015 – 09. May 2016