World premiere by Sibylle Berg based on her novel “Thank you for life”. With a composition by Beni Brachtel


A bizarre road trip and a bitter coming-of-age story: In 1966, a baby with no discernible gender is born in an East German delivery room. The mother decides without further ado that it is a boy, christens him Toto and dies. In a children's home, Toto learns what it means to him to be: the environment treats him with exclusion, rejection and violence. After the fall of the Wall, Toto ends up in a red-light district, falls in love again and again with his children's home sweetheart Kasimir, becomes a woman - and dies at the end of the journey because that's what people do. Thank you for life. The director Ersan Mondtag - known for his opulent productions - introduces himself with this work at the BURG.


24. October 2024

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