Titus Kompleks

This is a story from the depths of theatre. This is a dark, merciless, and doomed story that’s capabale of scaring people away for centuries. No, not just a story too, an anti-story that hasn’t done its penance yet, more like a shocking scream that keeps getting louder with terror, coming from the circus of the creatures to whom we call humans.

Young writer Olga Bach, in the middle of this absurd century, visits this horrid man’s legend with magic. In the age of show, crisis, and surrendered logic, she captures the monstrous soul and set-up of Titus Andronicus, and revives the play and the characters.With director Ersan Mondtag, who pushes the boundaries of our imagination, Olga Bach, imprisons a monstrous souled Roman into the world of contractors and merchants, where everything is bought and sold in the slaughterhouse of capitalism. Just like an analysis of a wild massacre, she tells the story of theft, betrayal, heresy and cannibalism in today’s language.When pleasure takes fear’s place, it becomes its own imitation. At the end fear mocks itself – and we experience it again on the inside.


01. December 2023 – 13. May 2026

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