Schere Faust Papier

Michel Decar has written a new play. The action takes place in a funnel. A lot has to go through it: all kinds of stage sets, very different costumes and props, plus plenty of personnel from the inhabited world and the history of mankind.

Great mystery plays are staged, cave allegories disfigured, satyr plays performed, messenger reports blathered out, press conferences improvised. There is an alphabetical list of stage directions and exercises for actors, technical processes, physical phenomena and sounds are on offer. Of course, there is also a selection of pop songs. Choreography and emotion are two terms that the author does not want to leave unmentioned.For director Ersan Mondtag, who will stage the world premiere of "Schere Faust Papier", Michel Decar's world of words and sentences, headings and names, rows and lists is an invitation to dance: "We live in a time of fragments, of remnants, of impression rubbish, of splinters, and we long to put it all together like the fragments of ancient statues. We can also do this by becoming blind through sight."

Photo credit: Armin Smailovic


18. December 2016 – 15. June 2017