2. Sinfonie – Rausch


Festival Radikal Jung

What is intoxication: loss of control? Experience the world? Driving without hesitation? Dream? Ecstasy? In his remarks on the “Birth of Tragedy,” Friedrich Nietzsche describes that with the addition of the “narcotic drink.” To achieve a high that brings people and gods closer together and brings nature and people back into harmony.

Spheres are reached far beyond rational experience, far from any reason and order. Thinking about intoxication is also thinking about a drug. Social structure that oscillates between the urge to control one's own life and the longing to be able to let go, to find oneself again. Which of these is more desirable? In today's society, states of intoxication are primarily caused by excessive Heavy drinking and drug use reduced, which is a far cry from the previously pleasurable closeness to the gods. The possible dimension of intoxication is trivialized. When thinking about intoxication, you also get into thought sabout the collective and subjective experience of a community, being included and excluded from a group, which forms into a unity in the intoxication – including the intoxication of thought. Do you give yourself to the group, or do you become stronger through your own efforts?

Photo credit: Birgit Hupfeld


13. April 2013 – 12. February 2014