Fremde Seelen

World premier from Eva bertschy

More than twenty years ago, the Vietnamese priest Franz Nguyen committed suicide - just three years after taking up his post in a small community in the Swiss foothills of the Alps. Nguyen's fate raises questions.

The Swiss dramaturge Eva-Maria Bertschy delves deeply into a creative examination of the topics of migration, racism and cultural identity. She weaves a multi-layered narrative on stage that speculates about Nguyen's biography and at the same time explores her own points of contact and experiences with being a stranger and feeling foreign.

With an intercultural ensemble, a piece is created that, through dialogue and thanks to the music of the Congolese artist Kojack Kossakamvwe, tries to build a bridge between the past and the present, between local tradition and global intertwining fates.

Ersan Mondtag is responsible for the Stage and Costume Design.


27. June 2024 – 27. June 2026

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