Double Serpent

World Premiere by Sam Max

Performed in German, in a translation by Wilke Weermann

At first glance, the relationship between Connor and Felix seems to be going well. But now the famous movie producer Felix is hit by accusations of abuse. Connor must decide whether he will continue to stand by him. But no one suspects that Connor carries a dark secret from his past.

Sam Max has written a surreal thriller, commissioned by the Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden, in which the lives of several characters dramatically intersect. A penthouse in New York, fantastic designer clothes, a successful boyfriend in the film industry and now finally the commission to design the interior of a villa - it seems as if Connor has achieved everything. If it weren't for the accusations against his friend Felix: an ex-partner claims that Felix drugged him and harvested his organs. The story catapults Connor back to his childhood, to a dark, dank basement room. Here he waits with his imaginary friend Eric for his adoptive father to finish his work upstairs. Their only source of light is a small console game called "Double Serpent" - a hungry snake that devours small, flashing pixels until it has grown to the point where it must burst through the frame of the screen. But it begins to devour itself.

Reality and fantasy become blurred, temporal layers dissolve, and traumatic memories hide behind surreal facades.


29. September 2024 – 31. October 2024

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