Die Vernichtung

A deserted apparent idyll is the first magnificent image that Ersan Mondtag, director and designer of the premiere of Olga Bach's “Annihilation”, gives the audience. Brahms’ “A German Requiem” floods into this cleverly sampled natural and cultural park and then they flop into the picture.

Four little people. And marvel and stare and don't know what to do with this splendor. Mondtag turns Olga Bach's kitchen table drama about young people who need a kick against the dreariness of everyday life into an atmospherically incredibly dense work of art. The figures are human dolls wrapped in painted foam. They stalk up and down as if pulled by marionette strings, converse erratically, move in patterns of action that sometimes seem conventional, sometimes ritualistic, but consistently lack motivation. Her hobbies include “causing urban stress.” A community of underemployed do-gooders is falling apart. Mondtag translates this social forecast into visually powerful sci-fi sequences that herald the end of the party and the burgeoning desire for the totalitarian group.

Photo credit: Birgit Hupfeld


15. October 2016 – 23. May 2017