Die Ver­dammten

In his 1969 film about the fictional industrialist von Essenbeck family, Italian director Luchino Visconti explores the dark and destructive era of German history in the 20th century.

He tells the story of the German industrial aristocracy that gets involved with the up-and-coming National Socialist rulers and of murder, slaughter, jealousy, delusions of power, ambition and decadence under fascism. The exclusive evening party that the old steel baron Joachim von Essenbeck has gathered around him to celebrate his birthday is severely disturbed by the news of the Reichstag fire in February 1933. In the course of the discussion about this event, the family splits into different political camps. The following night, the senior partner is murdered at the behest of the National Socialists. A ruthless and bloody battle for power and influence in the company then begins.

Photo credit: Birgit Hupfeld


07. December 2019 – 14. November 2020