Die letzte Station

"The Last Station" tells of the end of life. About old age, the memory of a life and death. How do we want to age? How do we want to die? What remains at the end? What comes afterwards? Is there an "after"? And what is the point of it all?

A small community of ageing, dying women and men come together at the last station. They sing, dance, laugh and die. At the centre of the action is a dying woman. Hannah is dying. Karl sits by her deathbed. He tells her stories in the hope of bringing her back to consciousness, while Hannah wavers unconsciously between dreams, memories and death. Death, the end of every life, is the central theme of Ersan Mondtag's visually powerful creation. Ersan Mondtag's artistic signature moves between performance, grand opera, spoken theatre and the performing arts. Mondtag thinks and feels in images and worlds. When he comes into contact with a topic that appeals to him, he creates visual designs in his head that have a power all of their own and which force their way onto the stage. They become visually powerful productions of great artificiality. Mondtag's theatre is characterised by strong formal settings and choreographed bodies that sometimes manage without any language at all.

Photocredit: Armin Smailovic


14. December 2017 – 01. July 2018