Das Internat

A boarding school as if painted, at the end of space and time. A romantic community of seventeen boys, no trace of teachers. The hierarchies are clear, the territories are defined. The rituals determine the happy day: eating, showering, exercising, studying until exhaustion.

But is everything as it seems? Again from the beginning. A boarding school at the end of space and time. Dream and reality are one, the pendulums of the clocks beat backwards and the hearts of the students follow the rhythm of fear. If there are apostates, they are quickly disposed of. Who has the power? Who owns the house that's full of weapons? Who is the victim, who is the perpetrator? Who is the child that speaks? Is the revolution coming?The boarding school is a series of images of dreams and nightmares that take us from romanticism to the war landscapes of the present - and back again. A story about togetherness and opposition, about power and revolt, about community and apostates, about trauma, war and time - with texts by Alexander Kerlin and Matthias Seier.

Photo credits: Birgit Hupfeld


09. February 2018 – 13. December 2018