Das Erbe

Nazik Doğan and her three children mourn the death of the father of their family, Murat. On 23 November 1992, in the midst of their mourning, news broke of the racist arson attacks on the homes of several families who had immigrated from Turkey in Mölln.

Deeply unsettled by the right-wing extremist acts of violence, the family is shattered by the question of where and how they should continue to live and how they should continue to run their father's successful group of companies.Calis paints an emotional portrait of a family of Turkish origin against the backdrop of the heated political climate of the 1990s. The acts of violence against asylum seekers and migrants characterise the collective migrant consciousness; in the official German culture of remembrance, however, they seem like a side note.

Photo credit: Armin Smailovic


22. June 2017 – 15. May 2018